Episode 1: Hector Vs. The Sea


Hector learns his beloved Obsoleteum is about to lose its funding, and plans to lure in new visitors by recovering a mysterious artifact from the ocean floor. Meanwhile, Biz attempts to fix Phil’s ever-dying battery - but she needs a rare ocean mineral to make it happen…


Hector Vs The Future was created by James Hamilton
Written by James Hamilton and James Huntrods
Directed by Andy Goddard
With music by Óðinn Örn Hilmarsson

Hector Vs The Sea stars:

David Arrondelle as Hector
Danielle Winter as Biz
Richard Soames as George
Charles Booth as Phil
Beth Eyre as Mayor Pinch
Max Olesker as Richard Snark and the Vicar
Lorna Shaw as Trixie Knotréal and Cassie
and James Hamilton as Percy
Additional voices by Molly Beth Morossa and Glenn Moore

The song on the radio was by Sanity Valve.

Hector Vs The Future is produced by Stuff That Talks, in association with James Hamilton.