Episode 2: Hector Vs. Da Vinci


Hector meets the descendant of Leonardo da Vinci, and enlists her to replicate his hero’s exhibits for the Obsoleteum. Biz and Phil decide that the best way to keep the Uptodateum up to date would be to hire an inventor.

Credits: Hector Vs The Future was created by James Hamilton
Co-written by James Hamilton and James Huntrods
Directed by Andy Goddard
With music by Óðinn Örn Hilmarsson.

Hector Vs Da Vinci stars
David Arrondelle as Hector,
Danielle Winter as Biz,
Richard Soames as George,
Charles Booth as Phil and Fake Phil,
Molly Beth Morossa as Carol da Vinci
and Tom Crowley as Billy Edison.
Additional voices by Lorna Shaw, Beth Eyre, Max Olesker, James Hamilton and Andy Goddard.

The lyrics for Carol’s song were kindly provided by Charlotte Repton.
Hector Vs The Future is produced by Stuff That Talks, in association with James Hamilton.