Episode 5: Hector Vs. Job Requirements


George urges Hector to choose a back-up career in case the Obsoleteum can’t be saved before the council’s deadline, and he agrees to get a part time job. Richard Snark offers Biz the job of a lifetime at Pickle Headquarters.

Hector Vs The Future was created by James Hamilton
Co-written by James Hamilton and James Huntrods
Episode 5 was directed by Andy Goddard and James Hamilton
With music by Óðinn Örn Hilmarsson
With sfx help this week from David Cummings of the NoSleep podcast

Hector Vs Job Requirements stars
David Arrondelle as Hector,
Danielle Winter as Biz,
Richard Soames as George,
Charles Booth as Fake Phil,
Max Olesker as Richard Snark,
Loren O’Brien as Asra,
John Henry Falle as the Chronicler and
James Hamilton as Robert Scott.

Additional voices by Richard Soames, John Henry Falle, James Hamilton and James Huntrods.

Additional song lyrics by Adam D. Felman,
and piccolocarina played by Hannah Castleman.

Hector Vs The Future is produced by Stuff That Talks, in association with James Hamilton.