Episode 3: Hector Vs. The Past


Hector and George hire a marketing genius to rebrand the Obsoleteum with old fashioned sensibilities. Biz downloads a patch that grants Phil the ability to feel love - but when AI dating site “The Circuit” forces him to choose between “robot” and “hologram”, he starts campaigning for the right to select “both”.


Hector Vs The Future was created by James Hamilton,
Co-written by James Hamilton and James Huntrods,
Directed by Andy Goddard,
With music by Óðinn Örn Hilmarsson.

Hector Vs Da Vinci stars David Arrondelle as Hector, Danielle Winter as Biz, Richard Soames as George, Charles Booth as Fake Phil, Adam Blampied as Kyle Dashcumber-Tank, Lucy Farrett as Nancy, Luke Booys as Wes, and James Hamilton as Sir Robert Scott.

Additional voices by Alex Whyman, Charles Booth, James Hamilton, Luke Booys, Anna Morris, Richard Soames and Kathryn Bond.

Hector Vs The Future is produced by Stuff That Talks, in association with James Hamilton.