Episode 7: Hector Vs. Inevitability

Hector makes a last ditch attempt to persuade Mayor Pinch to change her mind about funding his museum. Richard Snark forces Biz to choose between her loyalty to Phil and her belief in the Uptodateum.

Hector Vs The Future was created by James Hamilton
Co-written by James Hamilton and James Huntrods
Episode 7 was co-directed by Andy Goddard & James Hamilton
With music by Óðinn Örn Hilmarsson.

Hector Vs Inevitability stars

David Arrondelle as Hector,
Danielle Winter as Biz,
Richard Soames as George,
Charles Booth as Fake Phil,
Beth Eyre as Mayor Pinch,
Max Olesker as Richard Snark,
Felicks Mathur as Alfie,
and James Hamilton as the Swan Murderer.
Additional voices by Alex Whyman.

The Mariachi band music was written by James Whittle and performed by the Piffling Philharmonic Orchestra.

Hector Vs The Future is produced by Stuff That Talks, in association with James Hamilton.

The team would like to thank everyone who supported us in making this show, especially those who came to the live recordings. Follow us @HectorVsFuture for future updates on the show!